Level – Obsession. You must be obsessed, by what you want to achieve. Still think about it. Take actions according to plan. Every second, every minute will be sacrificed, for higher importance. Your heart, will beat for that goal. You will not stop from anything. Determined. Like Red Army, motivated by its own machine guns. No step back! Regroup each cell in the body. This is your army. Your body must work as whole. Thinking about, what you want achieve, will cause you goosebumps. As war drums of medieval tribes. 


At times it will seem that you are misunderstood. You are right. The other do not get your way. It is all right. The main thing is, to know where you were going. It is about you. It is your life. You’ll even get to a point where your own family will not understand where you’re heading. It is OK. Once they will understand. You will see. On the other hand, there is nothing worse than being understood by yours. That’s not your problem. You have to concentrate. You want to show them what they did not believe. Motivate yourself by others who do not believe you. You prove to them, that you are extraordinary. You are unstoppable. Do not forget about it.

Are you capable of something like that? To be obsessed by goal? It is not easy. It will make you a lot of effort. Maybe you will be a mocker. It will not deter you. Because you get stronger. You got it. We are all extraordinary. It’s up to us, how we set our mindset. Defeat is a state of mind. You can not be defeated until you give up. We are guiding to be only sheep. See something that is different and damn it. So we are learning. It needs to be changed. Never be the one, who toes the line.


Everything in life was once impossible. There was a moment when someone did it. Is that impossible? The inventors of all centuries met with mockery. It was impossible to imagine flying. It was impossible to press the switch and turn on the light. Limits are only in our head. We create them ourselves. You have to work like a hammer. Imagine the wall. You want to blow it. Because it limits you on the way forward. Nothing can stand in your way. Especially not the obstacle you created yourself. For fear, that you are not capable of. 99% of your concerns will never be fulfilled. Maybe not everything is going as you want. That will never happen.

Do not listen to the people who say, you can not do it. They could not do it. This is no reason to give up. The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. They will dissuade you. They will ask you. The road is not going anywhere. They were not able to, neither are you? Where is this written? Shock others. Finish what you started. Succeed feels better, if you prove to them that they were wrong. Work like a maniac. Trust yourself. Your future is made up of what you are doing today. Life does not work on the Principle of Christmas. I will wish something – i will get something You will not get what you want. You’ll get what you deserve. There is no lift for success. You have to go by stairs.


Anything else I need to say. Talent does not exist. There are no talented people. How do I dare? Simple. When someone excels, he deserved it. He works on a daily basis. Whether it’s a holiday or a weekend. He does not know free days. Talent is an excuse. It is used by people who can not accept the fact that someone is better. “He’s got the talent.” “If I had his talent, I was so.” NO YOU WOULD NOT BE. If you believe in talent, you will not. Hard work. This is the reason of success. So go and work on yourself. Everything is in your hands. FIGHT!


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